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SALES: New & Used Bicycles for all AGES


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Took my bike here to get the back tire tube replaced. Owner was very courteous and answered questions on the phone. The service person was also  the same. Service was prompt and done in a professional manner.

Make sure you specify what kind of bike you are bringing in so that there are no surprises.

This place was recommended by the place I bought my e-bike from. I too would recommended them.

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When looking for bike shop look no further. Go see Jim the owner at this awesome bike shop. The selection is outstanding. Jim was patient and so knowledgeable. He listen to what we were looking for and guided us with a great bike. His customer service was by far better than we expected.

We got to test drive several of them.  We found one we liked. He gave us a great price and he added a kickstand for us. So, go see Jim the owner and I promise you will not be disappointed. Happy customers - The Songer Family

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This is the cute young lady on her new bike!

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This is Jim the awesome owner of the best bike shop in town.

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This guy was so nice and put our kickstand in the bike. He Adjusted the seat too!

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Great selection of bikes

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This is the awesome bike we purchased at a great price.

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Tire Selection

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They do repairs too!

o (8).jpg

Has all the bells and whistles for your new bike too!

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On a Sunday ride to the Marina I had a flat tire, so I yelped a nearby Bike repair shop.I was lucky since I was less than a Mile away.

I got there and they immediately they checked my Tire and replaced the inner tube in a few minutes.
Used the Yelp coupon for $5 off and paid by Apple Pay!

They also have a large selection of used Bicycles and maintain and service bike too!

Claudia L._edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

They are friendly and helpful. Great deals on bikes both gently used and new. Definitely recommend!

Jonathan F_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

I had a flat and didn't feel like fixing it so I brought it here. The guy was able to help and I'm satisfied with paying the price.

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Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

I stopped in looking for a used commuter bike so I could exercise while recovering from a broken toe. They had a nice selection as well as a knowledgeable staff. Price was pretty good for a used Jamis bike, many of my cycling and mountain biking friends said it was a very good deal.

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Here the sweet bike

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Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

I was looking for a bike to restart my cycling interest. They let me try several bikes and I purchased a specialized gravel bike for what seemed to be a reasonable price.

I have been loving my new bike. But there was an issue with the shifter about two-three months after I purchased the bike. I took it back to the store and the owner had his technician named Weedle look at the problem

Weedle expertly fixed the shifter and my bike is awesome.  I appreciate the fact that the owner stood by his commitment and got my bike working perfectly even though it had been a few months since I purchased it.

This is a great place to get a bike.  They let you try stuff before you purchase it and stand by their work. Five stars.

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My Wheels

Pierce T._edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

Jim, the owner, is a class act in every way. This is a great business and I would not hesitate to recommend. Their inventory of used bikes is especially robust. Staff is knowledgeable and prices are fair.

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Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

My son needed a bike to ride to get to his first summer job. I was happy to go back to where we purchased many of our family bikes. This is our 4th bike.

Jim is always so helpful. We told him what the bike is being used for and he quickly gave us some really good options: pointing out pros and cons of each of the choices. We pretty much made our decision in about 10 minutes- which I appreciated.

My son now has a sweet ride - a really good bike at a good price.

I couldn't recommend this place more.

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Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

Jim, the owner is a very cool dude who Meticulously refurbs used bikes to get them into tip top shape. Purchased a bike recently for a family member and am totally satisfied! If you are looking for a used bike whether its a cruiser or something more (that includes electric) then this is the place! Highly recommend, guarantees work!

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COVID-19 has us cooped up at home.  Other than playing tennis against the wall, I wanted to get my son and myself out of the house for some exercise.

I have always loved biking and we decided to come here to get some bikes for him and me. 

Jim was available as soon as we walked in.  As my son really hadn't learned how to bike he was younger, Jim helped us choose an age appropriate bike and size and gave us a few pointers for a PRE-teen to learn how to bike.

Once we got my sons bike squared away, sized and tuned up, we worked in mine.  I found a nice Hybrid which I liked immediately.  Got some locks and a helmet and off we went.

Jim was very helpful and was very knowledgable in getting my son up and running.

Very happy with the transaction and we will be back!

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My Chosen Bike

o (12).jpg

Sons 24" Bike

Bianca G._edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-18 103245.png

This place is Amazing!  Great customer service!  We love our bikes!  They open on Sunday  and  they have a  great selection of bikes!  I Definitely recommend this place!

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This place is amazing!



"Very reliable, fun, & definitely a head turner."

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